We have years of experience working with small businesses. From our experience, we understand the dilemma many small business owners face: most small businesses don’t have the need for a full time bookkeeper, or they work from home and don’t want to bring someone in to their home to maintain their books. So they end up struggling to do it themselves, wasting time, money and energy better invested in their business, or they hire an accountant firm to do the work and spend much more than necessary.

This service is simple, and works well for smaller businesses or just to be compliant with the ATO, superannuation, tax returns, etc. If you are looking to minimise your accounting costs, and you have everything else under control, it is the cheaper option.

How it works is very simple, we give you a list of what is required, and you send us the information via email, dropbox, post, or by dropping it off at our office. We then enter this data in your online system whether it be Xero, Saasu or MYOB, and prepare your IAS/BAS, group certificates, etc.

We are dedicated to making your books work for you, providing financial insight into your business and maintaining excellent bookkeeping records that are tailored to your individual business needs.

Whether you have one employee or 30 and growing, we can help you organize and take the load off daily bookkeeping tasks, no matter where you’re located!