As we have partnered with Xero we have access to the latest software and support.  This enables us to advise you on the best software to meet your unique business’ needs. 

If you are a very small business we can provide you with Xero cashbooks at a very reasonable rates, which is only available to preferred partners and not the general public.

The benefits of having Webbooks prepare and lodge your BAS, PAYG and IAS are:

  • If you lodge quarterly BAS, we have  the luxury of an extra month after the due date to process and lodge your BAS, which means you get to hold onto your money for an extra month.  This is because we process this through our own BAS Agents Portal.
  • you wont have to worry and stress about finding the information and trying to lodge your own return correctly.
  • your BAS will be accurate so you wont have any nasty surprises at the end of the year.  The complexity of ensuring ATO documentation is completed can cause costly delays.  We lodge BAS and PAYG through our own BAS Agents’ portal and send the reports to you electronically.