April 2017

Are your bookkeeping books messy ??

I regularly have clients call me and tell me their books are in a mess and they just want it cleaned up, they often have a bookkeeper that doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. And with using cloud based bookkeeping such as Xero, MYOB or Saasu I can log in anywhere.

The business owners are so busy they just don’t have time or the knowledge to do it. With new recent regulations for bookkeepers to be Registered BAS Agents these days, I don’t understand why there are still so many unqualified bookkeepers around. These so called bookkeepers are very cheap and business owners don’t want to spend money on their books so they go for the cheap option, but pay dearly in the long run. They don’t seem to realise though that it costs them more money in the long run to fix up the mess. Then there are complications with the payroll, superannuation and the GST all having been calculated incorrectly.

So when looking for a bookkeeper, please check their references, qualifications and experience, ask them what they specialise in. Are they good with reconciliations and I don’t just mean bank reconciliations, I mean the payroll, the superannuation and lease and loan accounts as well. It will be worth it in the long run.
I specialise in messy books, and find it challenging and great to see the owners happy when their messy books are cleaned up. I might be more expensive than the others on an hourly rate but in the long run I save them money and find myself halving my time and money than what their predecessors did, that’s when they see the true value. Some of them I have trained so they can do part of the work themselves, some have a day to day bookkeeper and I oversee the quarterly BAS and Payroll and the rest decide its best to keep me on an ongoing basis, whether it be regularly, quarterly or annually.

I still find a lot of bookkeepers and business owners are too afraid of the cloud and don’t realise how bank feeds speed up the bookkeeping process, making it more efficient and enabling us to log in from anywhere to help our clients.

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